Let’s Talk False Starts!

A what? Yes, a false start. Have you ever put your babe to down for bedtime, all seems well, but then 30-45 minutes that babe is awake again? This is what we call a false start and there are a few factors that we can fix to alleviate this phenomenon.

  • Adjust wake windows

Look at the wake windows throughout the day, especially the one before bed, to make sure they are developmentally appropriate. Overtired babies wake more frequently throughout the night. On the adverse, under-tired babies can also have false starts where they are usually tired enough to fall asleep but not stay asleep.

  • Keep baby awake during the bedtime feed

That’s right, do your best to keep that baby from drifting off too soon. Falling asleep during the bedtime feed can cause babies to have a hard time falling asleep when put in the crib. They’ve almost been given a tiny cat nap.

  • Do not put babe in the crib too drowsy or already asleep

Have you ever fallen asleep in bed just to wake up on the couch? No? Then let’s not startle our babes like that. Babies wake slightly between sleep cycles and the change of location is sure to be an eye opener.

  • Allow babies younger than 3 months to have a later bedtime

Babes younger than 3 months with a bedtime between 7-8pm tend to have more false starts. Instead of a too early bedtime, allow a cat nap in the early evening followed by a little play and a bedtime later than 8pm

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