Hi, I'm Kellie!

Hey there! I’m Kellie, lover of all things health and wellness. I have a Bachelor’s Degree of Health Sciences and Master’s Degree of Physician Assistant from Gannon University in Erie, Pa. As life has moved me, and eventually my family, from Pittsburgh to Atlanta to San Francisco to Denver, I realized that being a PA was not filling my happiness bucket like it used to. After two children, though, I learned that sleep does! I love the science of development, the problem solving approach, and the care and love that goes into cultivating these tiny sleepers.
We're now back in San Francisco enjoying the city life. Our family of four still enjoys all that the mountains have to offer, from hiking to skiing. We also have a love for travel and exploring. Our oldest checked off 17 states by the age of 2! When we’re in town, you can find us running and playing outside.

My Sleep Journey

Congrats, the baby is here! Now what?! Nobody prepared me for the actual baby. The cute cuddles lasted only a few days before I realized if this bundle of love and I were going to sleep, I needed a plan. So I researched and researched during those late night feedings to find plans to follow and solutions to our problems. I asked question upon question at my “baby and me” support group. Why doesn’t he seem to like the bassinet? How do I get him to nap in a crib? How do we get longer stretches of sleep? Basically, what do I do? I felt so unprepared. In the end, the research and questions lead to an amazing sleeper, who still is today, without a hiccup. I felt like I conquered sleep.
Cue baby number two. He slept so well from the very beginning given all that I had learned. Until he turned two. Oh. My. Word. Regression does not begin to define what happened. From climbing out of the crib faster than I could leave the room to wandering the house in the middle of the night to undressing and preparing himself and his room for the morning, this child was wild. Back to the research and after a few exhausting weeks, we were sleeping twelve hours a night and napping in his big boy bed without wandering.
I feel you. I know the daunting feeling of not knowing what to do. I know the worry of wondering if you’re doing the right thing for your babe. I know the exhaustion of simply being up all night, whether for night time wake ups or chasing a toddler through the house. I also know that together, we can solve this.


Our packages were developed to provide you with the ongoing support that you need to be successful.

Newborn Preparedness

  • One hour consultation call to discuss expectations, answer questions to get ready for your soon to be or new baby
  • Emailed recommendations 

Ask Me Anything

  • 30 minute phone conversation to ask me about your particular sleep issues with answers. Perfect for when you just need to make a few changes!  

Basic Sleep Support

  • One hour consultation call 
  • Emailed customized sleep plan to meet your goals with 2 weeks of support including:
  • 2 twenty minute phone calls
  • 2 follow up emails 

In-Depth Sleep Support

  • One hour consultation call 
  • Emailed customized sleep plan to meet your goals with 3 weeks of support including: 
  • 3 twenty minute phone calls 
  • 3 follow up emails

Optional Add Ons

  • Unlimited Voxer voice messaging support for the plan’s first night from one hour prior to bedtime until 11pm
  • Additional for Twins

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